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Mi Casa Es Tu Casa!


Welcome to True Stone Masonry!

We at True Stone Masonry are dedicated and loyal to our clients. We specialize and take pride in manufacturing and installing the highest quality cast stone, precast, cast concrete, and architectural stone products. We offer a diverse and complete line of cast stone products, servicing both interior and exterior projects in residential, retail, and commercial spaces, government projects, as well as artistic installations. No cast stone project is too small, too big, or too difficult for our team. We provide creativity, professionalism, cost-efficiency, on-time project completion, and exceptional customer service to our clients.


If you can dream it, we can make it.


Masonry Unlimited  License# PSL – 15757

🌺🌸🌼Thanks True Stone Masonry for these beauties!


Mrs. Michelle ‎Hoang Nguyen - 4/2020
“Great upgrade to our porch. Uniquely ornate with the addition of conch and blue sea glass. Professional work and very attentive.”
Mark Gallagher ~ March 2020 Happy Customer
“Much appreciation and gratitude to our friends at True Stone Masonry. I asked for a fountain and you went above and beyond what I asked for. I can’t compliment the quantify enough. I see another project for you in the near future. Thank you!”

Mrs. Luanne Russo ~ July-2017 Happy Customer
 “True Stone Masonry just finished a remodel of our front patio and walkway, and we are thrilled with how it has turned out. They have been a pleasure to work with – so very responsive and professional throughout. They really listened and worked with us to create exactly the right color and texture. We look forward to engaging them again to continue enhancements to the front of our home.”                                              

Elizabeth Lange ~ March-2017 Happy Customer
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